Motion Graphics

Animated explainer videos are an amazing, timeless way to supplement your marketing and brand efforts. These videos are the perfect way to communicate a complex business idea in mere moments with great results.

“We needed a well-made, succinct explainer video on an incredibly tight timeline. Andrew and his team delivered something early, on-budget, and with a crazy attention to detail!”

Luke Walker, CTO of Diagnostic Driving
What's Included?

In every motion graphics package, we provide you with...

Script Guidance
We'll use the information from your creative brief to help you write your first draft script. We'll review and give feedback based on our knowledge of marketing and story until it's perfect.
Professional Studio Voiceover
You tell us what you're looking for and we'll begin searching for the perfect match. After choosing from one of at least three options, we'll have the artist head into the booth and start reading.
Royalty-free Music Bed
We'll provide you with access to our massive catalog of royalty-free tracks from a number of genres. Though it only acts as backing, it's crucial in establishing just the right tone for you video.

What Industries Use Motion Graphics Videos?

Honestly? Nearly every size and type of company can benefit from the use of animated videos. Because they're so versatile, they can be an excellent solution for quickly explaining complex ideas or concepts.

Some other examples of where animated videos also excel are the promotion of products and services, as a call to action for volunteers, as supplemental visual material for pitch decks, and much more.

You can have a motion graphics-only video or mix it up and cut back and forth between live-action video and animation as showcased in the MRP Prelytix video above.