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Despite having worked for the Wilma Theater capturing a number of their productions throughout the years, this is my first time getting a peek behind the curtain of everything that goes into how a stage production is developed and executed on... and it was already well underway before I showed up. That said, the goal of this project was to document a rather unique opportunity in that the director, actors, writers, and composer were all involved in multiple early workshops to all help shape the show in an extremely collaborative way. Later, when we're closer to the show premiering I'll return and capture rehearsals and blocking in the actual theater. We then get the opportunity to capture the first two opening nights of the show for archival purposes. It's been exhilarating to be a part of and witness just how hard everyone works and how thoughtfully everyone approaches the material. It's honestly no surprise though, the Wilma continually impresses me with each subsequent show.

The Wilma Theater
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September 2023
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