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Creating brand and commercial films, documentaries, & podcasts is what I'm all about. I've been helping people, businesses, and organizations tell their stories through film, motion graphics, and audio for almost two decades. The sheer joy of seeing these projects wrap and go to be viewed by the world is the motivation that keeps me coming back every day.

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Remember when Ferris Bueller posed the question "What aren't we going to do today?"— I live my professional life by that very same philosophy. That is to say: I'm here to solve problems for you to the best of my ability and here are the areas I can do just that...

Film & Video production

Imagine what hiring an experienced filmmaker with a flair for creating cinematic imagery could do for your brand. Whether you require a freelancer or someone to act as an extension of your in-house team, I have your back.

Video Editing

Whether you have a bunch of footage already shot and just need someone to make sense of things or if you want to make this thing official on a rolling basis. Get you an editor who can do both!

Event Livestreaming

Livestreaming your event makes it possible to share your event and brand with a wider audience—literally the entire world if you're so inclined. I've helped coordinate livestreaming everything from full-on operas down to one-on-one coaching sessions over Zoom.

Podcast Production

Creating a podcast that clicks with listeners is no easy task. With so many discreet creative and technical parts, it's no wonder only 20% ever release episodes regularly. My services include audio and video production, launch assistance, marketing, voiceover work, and producer services.

Recent Clients

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“Andrew has been a wonderful collaborator and partner for the past few years, enabling us to livestream virtual events that are visually stunning and provide value to our patrons.”
Scott Guzielek
Vice President and General Manager of AVA
“Andrew and his team were great to work with from the get-go. Energetic, collaborative, and doesn’t stop till the shot list is dust.  Looking forward to many more projects with him!”
Charley Rivkin
Creative Director, Zappos/Beautify Earth
“Your team absolutely rocked it when it came to working on both our event coverage as well as promotional materials for AIGA. The videos you produced made a huge impact on next year’s event registrations.”
Jennifer Marin-Jericho
Co-President, AIGA Baltimore
“The best part of working with Andrew is that he adapts his style and team to your specific needs, so you can rest easy knowing that he 'gets it' and he’ll produce exactly what you're looking for.”
Cat Tuttle
Marketing Manager, IntegraONE