It's all about moments.

Together, let's find and focus on what makes you, your business, and your brand unique and share that with the world.

Storytelling is Sexy

It's a very trendy thing to talk about these days, but unlike Keyboard Cat, the dancing baby, or Double Rainbow, storytelling is here to stay.

Stories (and to a lesser degree inertia) are what make the world go round. I've been helping people, businesses, and charitable organizations tell their stories through film and motion for over a decade.These stories have enabled me to work with some of the greatest companies and clients ever. Here are some of their logos, which will undoubtedly make you nod in approval!
Andrew on a film set working with a client

“Andrew and his team were great to work with from the get-go. Energetic, collaborative, and doesn’t stop till the shot list is dust.  Looking forward to many more projects with them!”

Charley Rivkin, Zappos/Beautify Earth

“Your team absolutely rocked it when it came to working on both our event coverage as well as promotional materials for AIGA. The videos you produced made a huge impact on next year’s event registrations.”

Jennifer Marin-Jericho, AIGA

“The best part of working with Andrew is that he adapts his style and team to your specific needs, so you can rest easy knowing that he 'gets it' and he’ll produce something extraordinary.”

Cat Tuttle, IntegraONE
Simple, Repeatable, and Effective

Trust the Process


You call or email, we meet up hop on a video call to talk about your project and see if working together would be a good fit.

We discuss your goals for a video project, namely why you require video and how you measure success. I ask because I care, and it's also important for setting and maintaining expectations.
An example of a moodboard with images from various films
“Getting to the see the entire project come together before we even started shooting was incredible!”
Bekuh Browning, CA Enterprises

Script & Story

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Together, we’ll craft a script, shot-list, and storyboards.

We location scout at your office or find a suitable spot. We do pre-interviews and b-roll shots commence. We draft up a living edit with placeholder voiceovers and music, and prep to shoot exactly what’s required.
A script page being held by a client

Making it Reel

Pun very much intended because this is the fun part… we’re making movies!

My team and I show up on the days listed on our call sheet, capture everything listed on our beautiful shot list, and take it back to the studio for ingest, editing, motion graphics, revisions, and much more!
A smiling women on set ready to be interviewed
“From the moment Andrew and his team showed up, we knew we were creating something wonderful.”
Dalita Keumurian, Crozier


After all of the approvals for editing, sound design, motion graphics, titles, and music are complete, we arrive at the final cut, often times using Final Cut.

The delivery is in the exactly formats you need for web, broadcast, and mobile so that your films look good regardless of where you post them.
A photo of a computer with video editing software visible

From the ol' weblog...

“Do I need a video?” —You, If You're Here

I'll let the numbers do the talking...

That's how many videos are watched on YouTube daily. Half of it is probably cute cats, but still...
of businesses use video as a critical marketing tool. Most marketers also attribute it with the highest ROI.
How much more likely a website is to reach the Google front page if they have a video.

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