Recruiters, amirite?

If you've been in the tech industry or hell, even just pop on LinkedIn from time to time, then you've probably received the "We have a great opportunity I think you might be a fit for" automated messages that are essentially spam. I'm here to tell you that couldn't be farther from what the folks at Phenom People have been working on. Their tech stack and suite of tools takes into consideration a number of factors in the hiring process, but it doesn't just stop there. The platform also encourages growth and promotion from within an organization, ensuring that employees are happy, fulfilled, and have upward momentum in their careers. It's actually kind of remarkable. Combine all this with the passion and charisma of a mission-driven CEO who gets it and really seems to care and you have something magic.

2023 marks the third year I was lucky enough to assist Phenom's internal marketing team with conference coverage, hype videos, and customer testimonials of the entire conference. Above you'll see just a small slice of what's been put together to promote IAMPHENOM 2024. It's going to be incredible to see the strides they'll make in just over a year.

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April 2023
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