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ADLM: The Future

The Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine a bit of a mouthful, which is why I love the acronym ADLM. I also love their mission of progressing laboratory science. This video was done in tandem with another one and had the simultaneous goals of welcoming new members, describing their vision for the future of lab medicine, and also announcing their name would be changing after nearly 70 years! I was tasked with blending a mixture of footage I shot with usable stock, creating motion graphics, as well as adding historic photos to tell the entire story.

You might be shocked at the lack of microscopes... maybe?

This entire project took about two months from start to finish, much of which was dedicated to pouring over archival footage and photography to find the perfect shots to incorporate as well as shooting what necessary to fill in the gaps. One thing that was rather funny to me in the amount of stock footage from any site that features mysteriously-colored liquids in test tubes and 30+ year old microscopes simply in place for production design. I'm assured by the professionals at ADLM that lab work looks almost nothing like what is represented in stock footage so we needed a bit more verisimilitude in the delivery and after a lot of searching, shooting, and back and forth, we were able to conjure up a clear picture of the future of medicine.

Release Date
July 2023
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