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For 70 years, they've been at the forefront of laboratory medicine

It's possible you've never heard of ADLM—née AACC—but I guarantee the advancements their members have made to healthcare have certainly touched your life in some way. The team and I went through a number of script iterations on this, pairing it with visuals we had from archival footage and photos from the early days of AACC and then utilizing a mixture of shot footage and stock to showcase where we are now as the rebranded ADLM.

This project was quite the balancing act. It was a two-hander with another video that was meant to showcase the future of ADLM and while we wanted to hint at some of those things here, both needed to function as standalone pieces, with this one leaning ever-so-slightly more towards welcoming potential new members into the fold.

This along with the Future video premiered on the big screen during their 2023 annual scientific conference in late July 2023 and was met with rapturous applause from those in attendance. It really set the tone for the remainder of the conference, giving current and new members a lot to look forward to in the field of laboratory medicine for the next 70 years.

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July 2023
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