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When I was asked to cover several days of the MIINT as well as the Turner Impact Portfolio Challenge for The ESG Initiative at Wharton, I jumped at the chance. Not only is the event filled with undergraduate students and MBAs putting in the work to research companies making a positive impact on the world, but there's also a shared energy and understanding when you're in the room that this work matters. It's palpable.

For my part of it, I was tasked with capturing a variety of b-roll, presentations, as well as sit down interviews. This required being agile and quickly adapting to new environments and circumstances since our locations changed quickly to keep pace with the event itself. The events were split between Huntsman Hall and The Inn at Penn, so keeping on schedule was of the utmost importance.

The final deliverables were six long-form videos discussing various aspects of each event as well as social cuts that The ESG-I could use on other platforms to generate buzz for the 2024 competitions. Below is an example of one such social cut, focusing on the student perspective.

The ESG-I Initiative at Wharton
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January 2024
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