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Zappos' Beautify Earth

Location, Location, Location...

There were a LOT of moving parts on this project, not the least of which was a deadline for all participants to have their murals done, installed, and photographed on time for Zappos and Beautify Earth to create their media campaign promoting the entire thing. I worked closely with Kala and Ali to make sure I was in their studio to capture key moments of progress and work happening, along with several full-days of installation.

Together We Are One

That was the overall theme/core value that they were given and I can't think of a better summation of the attitude of Philadelphia than that. Philly is a nesting doll of communities all the way the down and when you think you've seen them all, hundreds more unfold in front of you. It's a really special place to me, and I think it's captured wonderfully in this mural.

Release Date
October 2016
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