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Whitetail Club

Simply put: Whitetail Club does everything

Aside from being a private community where you can purchase real estate, they also host live events like concerts and stand up comedy, they host multiple golf tournaments throughout the year, and a number of other activities like skiing, tennis, swimming, fishing, you name it. Among their other amenities includes a world-class spa—The Cove—and the number one hotel in all of Idaho: Shore Lodge. So, it goes without saying that there's a massive audience to cater to. Partnering with renowned Miami agency Smarthinking, I help to deliver fun, succinct, and engaging video content to cater to both current residents and visitors.

"Golf is life!" paraphrase and slightly tweak a famous Dani Rojas saying from Ted Lasso. Using footage captured by their on-site teams, I'm able to edit multiple cuts for social media to entice golfers to join in the fun. But that's not where the work stops. Attracting the best guests means also trying to attract top tier talent in the service industry. To do that, we put together a handful of hiring videos to give an idea of what working at Whitetail Club would be like...

And for our encore...

I get to work with some truly talented performers that book at Shore Lodge as parting of their West Coast touring. This includes Tom Papa, Kool and the Gang, Brandon Ray, ZZ Top, and country music star Maggie Rose:

Whitetail Club
Release Date
June 2021
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