Podcast Editing and Production

Creating a podcast that clicks with your listeners is no easy task. With so many discreet creative and technical parts to a podcast, it's no wonder only 20% of all podcasts release episodes regularly.

My team I want to make it easier for you. Our services include audio and video production, launch assistance, marketing, voiceover work, and show producer services. Whatever help you need to keep you on track, we've got you.
Products & Pricing

Podcast Productions Services

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Our Podcast Launch service provides you with a proven method to seamlessly launch a professional and successful podcast. We'll walk you through all of the steps, gotchas, and best practices so you can hit the ground running.

Includes a podcast roadmap
Setting up hosting and publishing
Submission to the major distributors (iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc)
Gear recommendations for any budget
Producer Services
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The perfect choice for either a fledgling or established podcast. We can offer a range of services from our experienced producers from episode reviews all the way through to yearly/seasonal planning.

Episode evaluation and critique with action items for improvement
Overall structure and storyboarding
Yearly/seasonal release planning
Marketing and sponsorship strategy
Editing and Mixing
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Our per-episode services aim to make it easier for you to create content and for us to act as an enhancement. We can perform everything from editing to removing crutch words like "uh" or "um", EQ, broadcast normalization, and much more!

Addition of intro and outro music/voiceover and sponsor audio
Noise reduction and EQ
Leveled to industry standards
Professional mixing between each track
Voiceover Recording
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Podcast Artwork
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Episode Transcripts
...per episode

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