Livestreaming and Remote Video Production

Even before quarantine or shelter-in-place, we’ve provided live streaming capabilities to clients up and down the East Coast. My team and I have been fortunate enough to partner with large brands, pharmaceutical firms, and small businesses alike to get their vision out quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Using the latest technologies and platforms, you can rest assured your live stream event will go off without a hitch. Myself or a small crew can remotely monitor audio and video for webcasting and On-Demand streaming video links. We can also deploy a two-person support team on site for switching multi-camera feeds if you require it!

Why Livestream?

Well, assuming you’ve already invested the time and money in planning and coordinating an event full of great content, there are a number of reasons:

Reach a wider, global audience

A livestream opens the floodgates to allow folks who may not have been able to afford things travel, hotel, and accommodations to attend your event.

Boost your content visibility

Not only are you able to capture the attention of people attending live, but you can repurpose recorded content for use on other platforms.

Engage with your social networks

Your followers get that instant push notification letting them know that you're now live and you're able to see their comments in real-time.

Generate more engaged leads

There are a number of ways to allow access for highly-engaged users: a paywall, a brief email signup form, or even only to members of your platform.

Common Questions

What is livestreaming?
Simply put: it's the broadcasting of your content live across the internet. Chance are you've watched a livestream if you've ever seen an Apple Keynote or even current late-night television programs. My team and I can offer the same caliber of production value through things like pre-recorded intros and segments, lower thirds, custom transitions, and even multiple camera angles. The best part is the livestream itself is recorded, so you're getting the benefit of a live audience plus content you can reuse later on your website and social channels.
Why should I livestream?
Now, more than ever, we're seeing a rise in livestreaming as an alternative to large, in-person events like conferences and meetups. This makes your content not only more accessible to a larger audience, but meets them where they are: major social media platforms. Imagine going live and immediately all of your followers instantly get a push notification that you're online and delivering quality content. That's powerful stuff!
What platforms can we livestream to?
You've probably heard of at least of few of these: Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch, Caffeine, LinkedIn, and UStream to name a few. Plus, you can stream the same content to multiple sources in order to reach and even larger audience.
What kind of equipment is needed?
Chances are you have an acceptable livestream setup with either your phone/laptop and a decent set of headphones, but we can recommend a number of items to make sure your video looks crisp and your audio sounds rich. We'll also make recommendations for enhancements by either using our equipment (socially distant, of course), or by acquiring and using your own.
What kind of equipment could you provide?
Ah, you're a nerd like me. I like that! The options are really endless: we can provide a switcher that can live switch, stream and record all at once. We can provide 4k resolution support, multiple HDMI and SDI switchable inputs along with multiple audio sources as well. We can livestream on nearly all RTMP compatible services and make the videos private, behind a paywall or login, and then immediately help you monetize them once they complete.
How do we begin?
Simply by reaching out via the contact form! We can talk through what you're trying to accomplish via a livestream, the ideal ways and platforms to reach your audience, talk about any technical production information that might be relevant, and then get you streaming to the world!

Ready to livestream your conference or event?

Oh yeah, let's do it!