Type A, macOS Icons with Panache

They are color-coded, both with and without icons, and allow me to know at a glance what I’m looking at. When I see a red folder, I know instinctively that it’s audio-related, green are my final exports from a variety of apps, violet is video, and so on for the entire ROY G. BIV spectrum. The goal was for them to be functional, not perfect (yet). Behold! The icon-less variations:

Light Mode and Dark Mode icons, depending on what Appearance setting you choose for macOS.

This felt like an auspicious time to take it from a personal concept to an actual product. Like many others in this field, I’ve found myself with more time on my hands than I know what to do with. I’ve channeled that energy into getting organized: archiving old footage and projects, making new folder hierarchies, and implementing new rules for Hazel, which is my secret weapon for staying organized.

Since I make my living based off of how efficient I am at using tools on my computer, I’m always looking for new ways to shorten the journey. The quote I often refer back to (and have featured prominently on the product page) is from a fella who had quite a way with words:

To say that I’m blown away by the sales and reception would be an understatement. I was mainly hoping to sell enough to make back the few days I put into organizing it all and building the GumRoad page. We are now well past that point and I couldn’t be happier. The response thus far has ranged from very positive to overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few of my favorites:

So just in the first run of customers you have a podcasters, voiceover artists, graphic designers, project managers, consultants, and photo and video professionals. Not to mention that I had companies like Hedge (and quite a few others) personally reach out to provide high-resolution vectors of their application icons to use for the next version.

Oh yeah, did I mention that this icon set will get free updates?

I’ve also had a few folks reach out with some minor requests or suggestions that all made total sense. Audio engineers want a folder for stems and bounces, a project manager that lives and dies by Evernote wants a Document folder for that, Postlab said they want to be included in the video folder. Purchasing now gives you a personal stake in the product and allows you to suggest updates that will make it work for you.

This already feels like a huge success and even if this slowly fizzles out over the next few months I’d still feel great about my first digital product launch. Be that as it may, I’d love to keep this going for a while and help improve everyone’s digital organization. I’m going to implement and deploy the new changes quickly, take more recommendations, and continue to iterate. I hope you’ll join me!