Brand Films

Imagine what hiring experienced filmmakers and product marketers with a flair for creating cinematic films could do for your brand.

My team and I strive to be of assistance from the very first stages of brainstorming all the way through to delivery.

The Process

Films are an incredible way to visually tell your story through one of the most-engaged mediums in the world. My team and I help bring these stories to life using our unique understanding of your business and of effective filmmaking techniques.

From a series of pre-interviews and a rigorous discovery process, we learn as much as possible about you, your company, and your brand. Then through meetings, location scouts, and storyboarding we compile everything we need for the actual production.

We make the determination of how many days we need to shoot, what type of crew will be needed, and get it scheduled. Our primary goal for both the shoot day and the post-production process is to keep the atmosphere simple, fun, and most importantly: collaborative. We want you to feel like we're acting as an extension of your team as opposed to a disparate group.


  • Brand Story Films
  • Product Films
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Social Media Cuts/Teasers

Watch the Films

Social Media Film Series

If you have a digital content schedule and strategy established, we can film multiple videos in a day with several people in order to streamline both time and budget, much like we did with Entrust Financial below. This works perfectly as both website and social media content!